yacht shipping

How to Prepare Your Vessel for Shipping

The logistics that are involved in shipping a boat from one place to the other take a lot of planning and preparation. When you are planning to transport your boat using a yacht, ensure that you know all the required procedures. Therefore, if you are planning to ship your boat using this yacht, below are the steps that you should follow.

Measure Your Boat

For you to know the cost of shipping, you should measure your boat carefully. In this case, you will need to have the exact height, width, and length of your boat. Also, ensure that you include the motors and any other material or equipment that is in your boat. When you have the right measurements, it becomes easier to decide where your boat will be placed. If you do not understand how to conduct these measurements, make sure that you ask an expert to help you out.

Secure Everything

When you transport a boat, ensure that you secure it fully. When we talk about securing your boat, this means that you should secure anything that extends beyond the hull. Also, if you notice that some materials are loose, make sure that you tighten them. Remember that some of these things can lead to damage, especially during the voyage. All the windows and interior doors should remain closed.

The Insurance Check

yachtOne of the safe ways you can transport a vessel is by ensuring that the yacht you choose for your transportation services provides voyage insurance. With this type of coverage, know that you will remain protected in case anything goes wrong. Therefore, avoid transporting your vessels with a transportation company that does not provide this type of insurance.

Know Your Vessel’s Specification

If you want to have a safe form of transportation, you should know the essential details of your vessel. In other words, you need to know the accurate measurements, actual weight, and many more. Once you know all the valuable information, you can now inform the yacht transportation company. In doing this, they will allocate enough space for your vessel. That is why it is recommended that you understand all the details or specs of your boat.